Is this legit? Will the money be going to the ACLU?

Absolutely! We will be giving your donated amount to the ACLU minus the fees that it costs us to process the payment and minus our fees which we use to keep this going. The fees are 10% and of that 10% we are paying for the payment processor as well as upkeep costs. 90% goes to the ACLU!

Did we used to give to the ACLU?

Absolutely! We gave to the ACLU until December 1st 2019 and again starting March 1st 2020. Then we started giving to Australian Red Cross on February 1st 2020 until March 1st 2020 to help with the catastrophic fires.

Is it secure? Should I really be giving you my credit card information?

Security is important to us and to you! We do not store your credit card details. We use a third party called Stripe, who is used by companies such as BestBuy, Adidas, Saks Fifth Avenue and many other large companies. So we are as safe as if you buy from any of these companies online.

Can I change my mind?

Always! You can come back to your dashboard at any time to put a cap on how much you will be charged per month. You can also change how much you are pledging at any time.

How often do I get charged?

You will get charged every month for the previous months tweets. If you ever have a problem, let us know.

Are my pledges tax deductible?

Unfortunately they are not at this time. However, if this project garners enough support we are looking forward to putting infrastructure in place that would enable your 90% to be tax deductible.

Can I get a refund?

If you were double charged? Of course. However, generally we do not offer refunds for donations to an organization. If you no longer want to give, you can cancel your account in your dashboard. If you have any other questions please consult our Terms Of Service and our Privacy Policy.